The Montana Show

Ted and Martha. My favorite two people. Yes, I know. These are terrible pictures of Ted. It is the best my little camera and I could do. Should I just sit there and not try? What if you looked down seven seats and there was Ted? Anyway, I just watched the Martha Stewart Living show today with Martha visiting Ted in Montana. The best Martha I have ever seen. More info on Martha's blog. ** TT owns approximately two million acres of personal and ranch land. His lands are managed and worked to partner economic viability with ecological sustainability. Turner ranches support many progressive environmental projects including water resource management, reforestation and the reintroduction of native species to the land. They manage over 50,000 head of bison across the various Turner ranches. ** The UN Foundation promotes "a more peaceful, prosperous and just world". The United Nations priority areas include the Environment, Women and Population, Children's Health, Security, Human Rights and Peace. The United Nations Foundation, Inc. (the "UN Foundation") was created in 1998 in response to Ted Turner's historic gift of $1 billion in support of United Nations causes. Wow.

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