are you kidding me?

Z zzzzzzzzz ..... in the grand lobby
on the terrace


Magical Mystery Tour

thanks so much to the P clan . . . .


for my girl . . .



seriously . . . . 50 years ago?

hey betty jo. virginia and patsy. judy. mary ruth and bobby. janice. earl. lloyd and edith. jerry. steve and stant. delores. taterdigger. martha. bruce and maxine. jonny and david. charles. love to butch. my second grade teacher that passed me on to the third grade after only two weeks in the second! what? mr. franklin. mr. langford and miss bertha. mrs. davis. mrs. garrett. mrs. carlock.
special love to HTA ... graduating from 8th grade today ... fifty years after his grandmother

happy awesome birthday . . .

by KEP