Happy Meal ?

We took 1/3 of our grandchildren to lunch yesterday. At the light before we get to our restaurant and in one shot you see 5 fast food restaurants - I couldn't get the other 4 into the frame! We opted for the little Italian restaurant around the corner - hoping to have not quite as much cholesterol and trans fat as the neighbors. I don't know if we actually did accomplish that. We certainly could have gone for a little more green - but what you do not see is that we did have a big green salad before these main courses. Which are: Chicken Marsala with mushrooms and proscitto in Lombardo Marsala wine sauce http://www.marsalawine.com/ . And, Rigatoni Martino - rigatoni with grilled chicken with sauteed mushrooms and sundried tomatoes in a tomato cream sauce with ricotta and scallions. And, Spiedino Di Mare - grilled shrimp and scollops with italian breadbrumbs in lemon and butter sauce. And, the one you do not see was a Pepperoni Pizza - it was too blurry and I figure you can picture that one anyway. . . .
Only the pizza guy could handle dessert - not your Moma's Banana Pudding. I love and appreciate the new, much smaller sizes.

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